Beads and Charms
Natural tarnishing of the beads and charms may occur due to wear and tear, as well as by the acidity of your skin. Avoid contact with water, perfumes, body lotions and other chemicals. Use a liquid or gel based cleaner instead of abrasive cleaners or polishes to restore its natural patina.
All beads and charms are made out of a nickel free, tin based or copper based metal alloy. However they are stated nickel free as the local factory does not use any nickel in the casting or plating process of No Memo products, but be aware that nickel is used in this factory for other products.

Fabric and Ribbon Cleaning
The ribbons and Shweshwe fabric used in some pieces are easy to clean. Pull all the charms and beads to one side, wet the area that is soiled, squeeze a small amount of detergent into your hands and gently rub over the wet area, rinse with warm water until all the detergent has gone, take care not to get water over the remainder of the jewellery piece. Hang up to dry. If needed, iron the Shweshwe on low heat.

Leather Cleaning and Maintaining
Use professional leather conditioners to improve the overall lifespan of the leather and suede straps, making it resistant to water and humidity, while keeping it soft and supple. Stains should be removed immediately before a substance has a chance to soak in or dry onto the material. The cleaning of leather should be done gently, by hand, with a very soft and dry cloth. It is recommended that you use a mild professional and chemical free cleaners.
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