Heritage day. We absolutely crush that.
September 24, 2018

You want to have super brains and a glowing skin? Duh, yeah! Well, look no further… Copper is the answer.

This soft metal is a highly effective brain stimulant and plays a vital role within the brain when it comes to creative thinking and higher thought processes. The grey matter just got a nice rose golden glow.

And talking about glow, copper also promotes the production of collagen - the elastic that keeps your skin firm, glowing and youthful. We like the sound of that!

Get sick a lot? You need to check your copper intake as it helps producing those infection busting heroes called white blood cells.

And the list of incredible benefits goes on! It has been known to boost your energy and blood circulation, aid in bone density, relieve arthritis pain and … accelerate weight loss. Hello??? Who would have thought that such a pretty metal would have such superpowers?

We only need to absorb small amounts of copper for it to help. This is where jewellery comes in, as your body can absorb the copper through your skin. We got that ‘memo’!

Your total wellbeing is at the centre of our thoughts when we create our unique pieces. This is why we have designed some gorg bracelets and necklaces with copper beads and pendants. Now you can look hot and feel flippin’ amazing.

Go check out the Icon bracelet with the Strength symbol. This design uses the Ghanaian Adrinka symbol Dwennimmen, which means Humility and Strength.

Wanna show your hip side? Then the Sassy design with copper heart pendants is perfect for you. This piece can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around your wrist or ankle. No matter what your style is, we got you!

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