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August 27, 2018
Copper….not just a pretty metal.
September 28, 2018

As you know 24 Sept is Heritage day, a local-lekka day. You probably celebrate it with your chommies over a braai or Shisa nyama.

Here at NoMemo we don’t just celebrate it one day in a year, we didn’t get that memo. Our designs are deeply rooted in our African heritage. You can see it in the pendants and buckles we create… Did you know these are all handmade here in South Africa? The local flava doesn’t stop there. We also use local materials and Shweshwe is the star of the show. You’ve seen the beautiful Xhosa women wearing it at their traditional ceremonies. Did you know this indigo-dyed fabric was introduced to SA by the German settlers? Like true trendsetters, the Xhosa women took this and made it their own.

Today, original Shweshwe material produced in The Eastern Cape still uses the original process of feeding the fabric through copper rollers that have been lightly brushed with a weak acid solution and etched with intricate designs. Pretty epic huh?

These vibrant fabric designs are so truly South African that we just had to include it in our jewellery.

We use established local workshops and independent artisans. Basically, we work with a great bunch of talented and awesome people. It gets dyed, stitched, cut, and knotted according to our specifications. You have to agree the end result is pretty unique.

You wanna be on trend and still stand out from the fashion crowd while celebrating your heritage. Then our Quirky Bracelets are perfect for you. Go have a look and choose your style.

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