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September 10, 2018

Classy? Yes but with a twist!


So you don’t like to follow the rules. Have you had a look at the latest trends?  Am sure you’ll like the fashion trends for 2019 that are breaking the mould. Classy just got a whole lot more fun with this season’s collection.

Channel showcased some fantastic features in their Fall Couture. Going to an important meeting then off to a date? No worries, you can just unzip your skirt to reveal a provocative miniskirt underneath. No need for you to rush home to change outfits. We are crazy about the embroidery. Aren’t you?


This outfit from Channel inspires beauty and elegance. You can pair this with our Icon bracelet



N°21 Dell’Acqua shows us a fresh take on his signature masculine-feminine play with this tailored tuxedo/ pyjama suit mad in rich gold brocade and framed with silver cuffs and lapels showing us this is a designer who understands a certain je ne sais quoi of sensuality and glamour. Perfect for you to show your classy side at the next brunch meeting without feeling too formal.




You wanna know how to kill this look? Just add a pair of open toe or strappy black heels and our Fancy Luck necklace. The pale grey with the gold adds just the right amount of classy twist.







What were your favourite looks this season? Will you be taking up any of the new trends or creating your own?

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