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August 20, 2018
Heritage day. We absolutely crush that.
September 24, 2018

3D design, a little bit of magic meets a whole lot of science.


You dig our designs! You want the scoop on how it all happens?

The designer AKA Barbara comes up with a concept for a new piece, and our tech chief sketches it on a design program called CAD. Isn’t technology just great?

Once Barbara is 100% happy and sure the design is right, we send it off to a local company who uses a 3D printer. You know what those are right? Well what this printer does, instead of printing on a flat paper, is actually creates a replica of the bead or charm out of a high-heat resin. You still with us? So normal printers use ink, but 3D printers don’t. What they do is “print” layers on top of layers of the resin following the guide set out by the sketch. No it isn’t magic, it is science…aren’t we glad there are super smart people out there who come up with this stuff? At the end we have an exact copy of what we want the charm or bead to look like.


Why do we need a copy? To build a mould of course. The mould is what we then use to make the final charm or bead. This is where things get really interesting. We pour liquid metal into the mould and then harness the power of science to make sure the metal solidifies evenly as is it cools. Really cool indeed. We are almost at the finish line. We just need to smooth out the rough edges in a tumbling barrel. Then finally drop the charm into a metal bath to give it a shiny coating and voila, a gorgeous new piece of jewellery is born!


This 3D design process is only 1 of 3 ways we design our jewellery. We don’t follow the rules….we make our own.


You are a rebel with a cause…. join our tribe today….we know you want to!

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