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August 11, 2018
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“What? Was I supposed to fit in and be flawless? Well, I didn’t get the memo.” You have seen these words on our website and social accounts, but do you know what it means?

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you are cleaning that precious vase you inherited from your granny and it slips out your fingers and crashes to the floor, smashed in to hundreds of tiny pieces. Oops….now what? Dump it? Get that superglue out and make a total mess or you hide it where you are no longer reminded of what you did? Well the Japanese don’t think so, they take this opportunity to turn this “mishap” into an art piece.

The Japanese art of kintsugi teaches us that broken objects are not something to hide or throw away but to display with pride. We totally dig this. No more hiding the “imperfect” but embracing it and turning it into something to admire by enhancing the unique cracks made.

We believe that flaws tell a catchy story. Our brand was inspired by the Japanese art of kintsugi. In life we have emotional and physical scars, but these should not be seen as imperfections, to be hated or hidden, but rather seen as precious. Embrace your life with all its imperfections.


In the fab words of Elizabeth Gilbert “Embrace the glorious mess that you are”.

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