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August 20, 2018

9 reasons to do it online

9 Reasons to do it online

Nowadays, internet shopping is fun, very easy and convenient. Here are some of the reasons why buying online is super awesome versus “Honey, I’m going to the shops”:

1.Convenience. This tops it all off. Where else can you comfortably shop at midnight while in your sexy nightie or in your old tee&boxers on a lazy Sunday afternoon? No dreadful queues during the festive season or searching for that always hidden shop assistant. You can do your shopping in minutes with just a few clicks. You can literally shop 24/7 from anywhere as long as you have internet access, and what’s more…no more driving to the shops and then looking for a parking spot. Ah bliss.


2.Better prices. Great deals and better prices are available online because products come to you directly from us without a middleman being involved. Also, think discount coupons – don’t we love love love those?


3.More variety. Choices galore. This necklace in green instead of orange, a flower bead instead of the heart, you name it darling. As we all wanna have our own thing, you can just select exactly what you prefer. And to top it off, there is way more stock available. You can order 27 of the same tassel necklace to pamper the girlfriends at your hen party, or a bracelet with African symbols for your 11 buddies climbing the Kilimanjaro with you.


4.Sending gifts made super easy. Now you can send that pretty necklace to your auntie in Oz, a bracelet to that cool nephew in Miami, or a choker to your bestie in the Upper Karoo. You simply add to your online cart, choose a different delivery address and we deliver it directly to them.


5.Fewer expenses. You are going to the shopping mall, imagine all the enticing (read expensive) and unplanned (read impulsive) add-ons: frothy café lattes, a large artisan beer, those stilettos on sale, the latest iPhone, or that little dress in a new shade of black (duh). There are no distractions when buying online; we just get you to the point – click click = quick quick.


6.Honest reviews. Read first-hand how others have experienced the product and the service. You can add your two cents worth if you feel up to it.


7.Safety. Reputable online shops use 100% secure payment portals and so do we.


8.Shhht. Some things are bought behind closed doors: get the latest sex toy, indulge in a lacey and bare necessity.  Babe, what you decide to do with one of our chokers -we are all ears. No, we meant no need for us to know.


9.Try it out. We can talk all we want, but nothing beats real experience. So be brave, be part of the digital age and do it online NOW.

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